Drone photography in India has now been officially approved by the Government. The DGCA has rolled out a rules and regulations on operating the drones in India and it an encouraging step.

Drone Photography gives a complete different outlook towards a particular brand or an event or a wedding. It helps capture stunning photos and videos from heights where practically a photographer will not be able to reach.

We use latest Drones and cameras to provide cinematic experience and amazing results for our clients. We have professional team of experts who are equipped with the skills of managing complex tasks of flying the drones and capturing the beautiful pictures and photos for our clients.

We are the pioneers in drone photography and videography services in India. We provide 4k Quality & Cinematic videos and photos using the best in class cameras and drones. We are experts in immersive 360 degree videos, interactive product walk-throughs and virtual tours. We closely work with Real Estate, Events, Hospitality, Land Survey and Weddings industries and provide an appealing experience to the customers.

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